Submerged Tapes



Sun & Serpent

A unique swordmaking game in development, focused on deep customization and expressive control. Manage a blacksmith’s shop in the city of Eren Keep, one of humanity’s last safe havens.

Credits: Music, Sound Design, Implementation

Total Zugzwang

John Rajczyba

Chess meets Space Invaders – Deal with a mindbending scrolling board that pulls pieces towards you between turns!
Battle for highscores against 6 waves of chess piece armies, and defeat the final mechanical terror in this unique roguelike challenge.
Strategize to defeat cunning Kings, while protecting your flank against brutish rogue pieces.

Credits: Music, Sound Design


Idle Friday
Automatoys album cover

Insert coin. Dispense ball. Tap, turn, tilt and spin the contraptions to help each ball hop and roll its way to victory. Each Automatoy is a unique, mechanical obstacle course.

Credits: Music, Sound Design, Implementation

Duppy Hunter

Coney / Tamasha / Trinity Centre

A duppy has gone loose in St Pauls and leading duppy hunter, Josie (played by Nadia Williams – I’m Not Running, Broadchurch) needs your help tracking it down. You will be Josie’s eyes and ears, helping her to solve the riddles the duppy leaves on its trail. Zipping past Stapleton Road, cutting through Pennywell Road, crossing the Danny, before heading onto to St Pauls, every location holds a personal resonance for Josie – conjuring up nostalgia and a Bristol of yore. As you travel through St Pauls, you may begin to wonder if this duppy is hiding something. One thing is for sure – you need to find it and fast.

Credits: Sound Design, Choir Recording & Direction

Closer Together

Janik Rai
Closeup picture of a young girls face

A young girl gets a surprise when her parents move home.

Credits: Music

Far Cry: Rise of the Revolution

Soundcuts / Audible / Ubisoft
Far Cry: Rise of the Revolution album cover

A political prisoner throughout his childhood, Antón Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito) dreams of becoming El Presidente just like his father. Journalist and activist Clara García is determined to stop this dictator in the making whatever the cost.

Credits: Dialogue Editing


idoz & phops / Humble Games
Archvale keyart

Take up your weapon in this RPG bullet-hell world and embark on a journey to right wrongs from long ago. Only you can defeat the evil forces of the Undying guardians and reunite the world with the fabled Archvale.

Credits: Sound Design, Implementation, Mixing


Soundcuts / Audible

Life is finally looking up for 28 year old Shayla — She’s got a great boyfriend and is about to start her dream writing job. But when it all falls apart in the space of one day, Shayla finds herself heartbroken and struggling to make ends meet. After a chance encounter with the world’s most popular K-pop idol, Youngjae, she decides to chase the fantasy and heads for South Korea in the hopes of kindling a relationship with the star.

Credits: Sound Design, Music Editing

Derpy God

Dull Dude Limited

Derpy God is a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game, with chaotic physics-driven battles, set in a fantasy world of gods and mortals. Gather resources, build defenses and send forth your armies in campaign mode, or get creative and craft crazy scenarios in the sandbox.

Credits: Additional Music

Toy Tanks

Rodney Luck
Toy Tanks keyart

Jump, Dash, and Shoot your way to victory in this 3D, Physics based, Tank game! Choose from several different types of Tanks, Each with their own unique set of stats and abilities! Work together with up to 4 of your friends to defeat, unlock, and discover all this adventure has to offer!

Credits: Additional Sound Design, Menu Music

Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project

Memoria Project Team

Non-playable passion project led by a team of professional developers and artists in the video game industry that aims to reimagine what the legendary game would look like if it was remade with modern graphical capabilities.

Credits: Sound Design

Soccer Story

Panic Barn / No More Robots
Soccer Story artwork

The world might as well be over – Soccer Inc. has closed down every local stadium, team and tournament. What kind of world can survive without the beautiful game? Thankfully a magical soccer ball has chosen you, our Savior of Soccer!

Credits: Additional Sound Design (with

Kraken Academy

Happy Broccoli Games / Fellow Traveler
Kraken Academy keyart

Make friends, free spirits and make sure that the world doesn’t end! Welcome to Kraken Academy, a technicolor fever dream that for legal reasons can only be described as “technically a school.”

Credits: Additional Sound Design, Voice Editing, Implementation (with

Not Tonight 2

Panic Barn / No More Robots
Not Tonight logo

Immigration Enforcement Case #112: You are under arrest. Unless your friends can cross a broken America, retrieve your identifying documents and stay out of trouble… this is the end of the American dream for you.

Credits: Voice Editing, Implementation (with


Sundial Shark
Somewhen screenshot

A retro RPG inspired by early J-RPGs. Enjoy dungeon diving, resource gathering, and town building mechanics. In Somewhen, you must help Idyll and company restore a fractured world with an uncertain future using a curious time-travelling train to rebuild entire towns and reshape the future.

Credits: Music

Leviathan Dawn

Summer Slow Jams
Leviathan Dawn keyart

A short strategy role playing game made for the A Game By It’s Cover & PIG Squad Summer Slow Jam 2021.

Credits: Music, Sound Design

Wellbeing Walks

National Trust / Rising Arts Agency
Wellbeing Walks photo of a bee

2 episodes for the National Trust podcast stream. Both guided walks, one designed for outdoor listening on a walk, one for indoor listening as a virtual walk. Both episodes feature VO, Script and original concept by Abbi Bayliss & Music by Joe Hill.

Credits: Audio Direction, Sound Design, Dialogue Edit, Mix

Aan Dheelno! – Let’s Play!

Maddie McGowan / Bristol City Council
Aan Dheelno! – Let’s Play! Poster

Short podcast for a bilingual (English & Somali) play project for children aged 2+ funded by Bristol City Council’s Originators Fund and facilitated and organised by Maddie McGowan and Saada Jamale who together run a Somali/English conversation club.

Credits: Sound Recording, Sound Design, Dialogue Edit, Mix


Rising Arts Agency
Cloud Album Art

Composition commission for Rising Arts Agency, responding to the question “What does Lockdown sound like to you?”

Credits: Music

12 Communities One Bristol

Marcus Smith / BCfm

A podcast series, focusing on stories of 12 areas of Bristol that have been historically under represented or unheard.

Credits: Sound Design (episodes 4, 5 & 6), Mastering


Isild Le Besco
Confinés poster

Feature length drama about a family’s relationship with their Father, shot during lockdown in 2020.

Credits: Sound Editing