“Even without the music, Archvale is a game that demands the full attention of both ears. There’s a delightfully crunchy clatter to be made with every smashed vase, while the rhythmic clamour of combat helps to establish that all-important flow that a bullet hell game thrives on.” – NME

(NB: I did not edit the sound for this trailer, although lots of my in game sounds are in there! You can see some of my work in engine over here)

Archvale is a top down, 2D, Bullet Hell RPG developed by Idoz & Phops & published by Humble.

I was the sound designer on this project and it was a great challenge and lots of fun to come up with a unique sound palette for this colourful world. I tried to strike a balance between classic cartoony and 8-bit sounds and more realistic, immersive sound design.

The game was built in Game Maker Studio 2 and I worked with Idoz to figure out some custom tools for implementation and mixing. He built me tools to setup and mix with busses & groups using a combination of our in game debug tool & scripting in JSON.

It was a real joy to work with someone who cares about sound so much and was happy to build custom tools for me! Archvale is available on Steam, Switch & Xbox Gamepass, more info about the game is available on Humble’s website here: